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Daily Stirrer - September 2016

Saturday 24 September, 2016

The Daily Stirrer

is taking a week off, our webmaster is on holiday and in view of the disasters that happened last time someone tried to cover for him, we decided it's best to miss a few days. BACK ON OCTOBER 3

Friday 23 September, 2016

Migrants Consider Quitting Violent Sweden To Return To War-Zone Homelands For Safety

The Swedish ruling elite's politically correct obsession with immigrants has turned parts of this once peaceful, civilised and safe country into a lawless hell hole and borderline failed state. Perhaps the clearest indication of how bad things are in Sweden now, thanks to the government's efforts to complete the genocide of Swedish people and the eradication of their history and culture, is the news that Sweden is now so dystopian even migrants from some of the most violent and chaotic areas of Africa and the middle east want to return to their homelands
Migrants Consider Quitting Violent Sweden To Return To War-Zone Homelands For Safety

Thursday 22 September, 2016

Is it possible to eradicate all diseases?
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have dreamed up this great money making scheme. They have announced they will try to eradicate all diseases by the end of the century. It follows down the same path of greed and self interest previously trodden by Bill and Melinda Gates and their Gates Foundation which has been so sucessful in its efforts to eradicate disease and poverty that it now gets $2 from governments and the United Nations for every $1 it spends ...

Wednesday 21 September, 2016

Is World War Three Really Kicking Off This Time?

The airstrikes by a US led coalition that killed many Syrian soldiers fighting for the legitimate government of Bashar al Assad against the terrorist forces of ISIS has raised the level of hostile rhetoric between the USA / NATO coalition and the Russia / China / Iran alliance. The likelihood of war seemed to have receded through the summer, after it seemed possible early this year, that one stray shell or bullet could spread the war beyond the middle east.
Is World War Three Really Kicking Off This Time?

Obama Promises UN His Legacy Will Be Global Authitarian Dictatorship

In what will be his final appearance before the United Nations, Barack Hussein Obama warned assembled national leaders they would have to be prepared to surrender sovereignty to the unelected technocrats of the globalist bureaucracy if they wanted security.Is he deluded of effing what? Nations that desire secuirity at this time need to suck up to Russia and China if they can't stand up to American globalist Imperialism alone.
Obama Promises UN His Legacy Will Be Global Authitarian Dictatorship

Tuesday 20 September, 2016

Obama Promises UN His Legacy Will Be Global Authitarian Dictatorship

In what will be his final appearance before the United Nations, Barack Hussein Obama warned assembled national leaders they would have to be prepared to surrender sovereignty to the unelected technocrats of the globalist bureaucracy if they wanted security.Is he deluded of effing what? Nations that desire secuirity at this time need to suck up to Russia and China if they can't stand up to American globalist Imperialism alone.
Obama Promises UN His Legacy Will Be Global Authitarian Dictatorship

Monday 19 September, 2016

Russia Accuses USA & NATO Of Defending ISIS

A Russian Government Foreign Affairs spokesman commenting on the US led airstrike 0n 17 September in Syria that killed dozens of Syrian Government troops engaged in fighting ISIS “After today’s attack on the Syrian army, we come to the terrible conclusion that the White House is defending ISIS”.
Russia Accuses USA & NATO Of Defending ISIS

Sunday 18 September, 2016

What Is A Globalist? - Globalim Explained

If you have been following political trends in what we can only refer to as 'the developed world', you will probably be bored with the words "globalist" and "globalism" which tend to be bandied about a lot, usually by people who call themselves 'the left', 'liberals', 'socialists' or 'progressives'. In fact the advocates of globalism (except for the 0.001 per centers with names like Soros, Rothschild, Buffet and so on,) far from being the social justice warriors of their imagination, are avid supporters of the establishment, centralisation of authority, the abolition of free speech, social engineering and all the socio - economic policies well - read people associate with fascism rather than liberalism.
What Is A Globalist? - Globalim Explained

The EU Is Doomed - Here's Why

Since the Brexit vote although it will be some considerable time before we formally exit the EU, Britain has been doing rather well as British Commonwealth nations regain confidence in our country. The European Union on the other hand seems to be on a n ever steeper downward trajectory. Even mainstream media pundits are talking about how much harm Brexit will do not to the UK but to the European Union. Some are even suggesting it cannot survive.

by Alasdair Macleod via The Mises Institute,

We are accustomed to looking at Europe’s woes in a purely financial context. This is a mistake, because it misses the real reasons why the EU will fail and not survive the next financial crisis. We normally survive financial crises, thanks to the successful actions of central banks as lenders of last resort. However, the origins and construction of both the the euro and the EU itself could ensure the next financial crisis commences in the coming months, and will exceed the capabilities of the ECB to save the system.

It should be remembered that the European Union was originally a creation of US post-war foreign policy. The priority was to ensure there was a buffer against the march of Soviet communism, and to that end three elements of the policy towards Europe were established. First, there was the Marshall Plan, which from 1948 provided funds to help rebuild Europe’s infrastructure. This was followed by the establishment of NATO in 1949, which ensured American and British troops had permanent bases in Germany. And lastly, a CIA sponsored organisation, the American Committee on United Europe was established to covertly promote European political union.

It was therefore in no way a natural European development. But in the post-war years the concept of political union, initially the European Coal and Steel Community, became fact in the Treaty of Paris in 1951 with six founding members: France, West Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy. The ECSC evolved into the EU of today, with an additional twenty-one member states, not including the UK which has now decided to leave.

With the original founders retaining their national characteristics, the EU resembles a political portmanteau, a piece of assembled furniture, each component retaining its original characteristics. After sixty-five years, a Frenchman is still a staunch French nationalist. Germans are characteristically German, and the Italians remain delightfully Italian. Belgium is often referred to as a non-country, and is still riven between Walloons and the Flemish. As an organisation, the EU lacks national identity and therefore political cohesion.

This is why the European Commission in Brussels has to go to great lengths to assert itself. But it has an insurmountable problem, and that is it has no democratic authority. The EU parliament was set up to be toothless, which is why it fools only the ignorant. With power still residing in a small cabal of nation states, national powerbrokers pay little more than lip-service to the Brussels bureaucracy.

Read all Alasdair Macleod's article at The Mises Institute

One or two issues with that, the main one being that MacLeod sugests the EU was the creation of post World War 2 US Foreign Policy; this is only partly true. The EU based on ideas formulated by one of the founders of globalism, Richard Coudenhove - Kalergi and developed by the Nazis was picked up by elitists in Europe and the USA. While the idea was sold as being intended to create a power bloc capable of countering Soviet Russia, the unpublished script was always about creating a pan European federal superstate.

The current political crisis in the EU comes at a time when the global economy is looking fragile and with Greece and Portugal already effectively bankrupt, Italy, France and Spain all in danger of defaulting on their bonds and German taxpayers in revolt at the cost to their nation of propping up the weaker nations in the 17 member Euro single currency system, the financial collapse of the EU looks inevitable and could come a lot sooner than expected.

Friday 16 September, 2016

Fact Checker Snopes Lie About Obama ‘Birther’ Smear

Yesterday US Presidential candidate Donald Trump said that President Barack Obama was born in the U.S., and by doing so he “finished a birther controversy” which he said was started by Hillary Clinton in 2008. “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it, I finished it. You know what I mean," he told a campaign event audience.
Fact Checker Snopes Lie About Obama ‘Birther’ Smear.

Thursday 15 September, 2016

Now YouTube are censoring videos critical of the establishment.

A few days ago, after examining evidence offered by certain bloggers who defend net neutrality we reported that allegations against Google of blocking access to sites that criticise Hillary Clinton's presidential election campaign or raise questions bout the candidate's very obvious health problems is is pretty irrevocable. Since then a reader mailed us an item on how YouTube are censoring videos whose content is critical of government ...
Now YouTube are censoring videos critical of the establishment.

Wednesday 14 September, 2016

‘Fatal Error’ To Ignore Brexit Lessons, Says EU President

EU Council President Donald Tusk, speaking on Tuesday (13 September) warned fellow European leaders leaders they cannot ignore the lessons of Brexit and must address concerns about migration when they meet in Bratislava this week. Former Polish premier Tusk added that the bloc must be less “politically correct” and pay more heed to the realities of life for the greast majority of Europeans who worry about Islamification, terrorism, security and globalisation in the wake of Britain’s vote to leave. "It would be a fatal error to assume that the negative result in the UK referendum represents a specifically British issue," Tusk wrote in an invitation letter for Friday’s summit of 27 leaders — all except Britain. This indicates Tusk is somewhat out of step with the federalists in France and Germany and the increasingly authoritarian bureaucrats of the EU Commission in brussels In the letter leaked to Agence France Presse, Tusk said the EU had been too slow to deal with the migration crisis, adding: "We do not have too much time to spare. Bratislava will have to be a turning point in terms of protecting the Union’s external borders." The letter formally inviting leaders of EU member states to the event was sent to leaders on Tuesday, on the eve of the annual State of the Union address by European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Tusk said EU leaders meeting in Bratislava, in a summit that is meant to draw up a roadmap for a future without Britain, had to act now to secure Europe’s borders in the face of the migration crisis. "All too often they (European citizens) heard politically correct statements that Europe cannot become a fortress, that it must remain open," the former Polish prime minister warned. Tusk added that it was important for the rest of the EU to learn from Brexit, especially the British people’s concerns over mass migration. Actually the EU has failed to learn from Brexit that the main concern of british voters was not immigration but sovereignty and the erosion of british culture. He also said the Leave camp in Britain’s June 23 referendum used "false arguments" but said it was "also true that the Brexit vote is a desperate attempt to answer the questions that millions of Europeans ask themselves daily, questions about the guarantees of security of the citizens and their territory, questions about the protection of their interests, cultural heritage and way of life" He concluded, “These are questions we would have to face even if the UK had voted to remain.” Tusk, fresh from a tour of European capitals to canvass opinion, urged the EU to deliver on both security and prosperity but said that did not mean more powers for Brussels.

MPs attack Cameron over Libya 'collapse'

Not before time Britain's politicians are asking for justification of our role in the bombing campaign againsyt the regime of colonel Gadaffi in Libya, which since 2011 has led to that country, at the time the most prosperous and advanced nation in Africa, becoming a chaotic failed state with three different groups all claiming to be the legitimate government.

David Cameron's partners in crime be Presisent Nicolas Sarkozy of France, and inevitably the warmonger in chief, United states President barack Hussin Obama. The British parliament can only hold Cameron to account of course, but it is good to know that ion the wake of the brexit vote or elected representatives are starting to behave as a democratically elected national assembly should, and not as a wholly owned subsidiary of the USA and EU.

According to the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee the then PM David Cameron lacked a coherent strategy for the air campaign. The intervention had not been "informed by accurate intelligence", and that it led to the rise of so-called Islamic State in North Africa, the report commented.

The UK government said it had been an international decision to intervene but in fact Britain and France were bullied into joining a US led regime change operation after Libyan leader Gadaffi defied the US ally Saudi Arabia.

The action was called for by the Arab League and authorised by a trumped up UN Security Council resolution after the USA had miseld Russia and China on the nature of the operation, claiming it was necessary for humanitarian reasons, when in fact it was an act of war against Libya.

The coalition, fronted by Britain and France with Obama 'leading from behind' launched a campaign of air and missile strikes against Muammar Gadaffi's forces in March 2011 after the regime threatened to attack the rebel-held city of Benghazi.

But after Gadaffi was toppled, Libya descended into violence, with rival governments and the formation of hundreds of militias, while so-called Islamic State, also known as Isil and Daesh, has also gained a foothold and now holds territory in Libya's unpopulated but oil rich south.

Libya intervention
Libya: The boat people scandal
Libya: Military lose control
Africa refugees
1,000 British elite troops deployed to Libyan oil fields to ‘halt the advance of ISIS’
A Memo To Those Who Said Libya Could Not Have Been Better Under Gadaffi Than After ‘Liberation”
The First Casualty (Libya)
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Lawless Immigrant Chaos Accounts for Quarter of Swedish Police Resources
Police officials in Värmland, Sweden have revealed 25 per cent of their time and resources are consumed by dealing with the lawlessness of illegal immigrants, as the Swedish government yesterday announced a further two billion Swedish Krona for policing to 2020. Chief Superintendent Lars Serenander estimates that around a quarter of police time is spent dealing with issues related to migrants ...

Sunday 11 September, 2016

‘Opportunities are ENORMOUS’ Liam Fox launches trade talks with India, China and Singapore

We told you Brexit would be good for Britain. It will surprise many people to learn that we as a nation had no trade deals with former comonies India, Singapore and Malasia, or with the vast market that is China, but since those teasonous bastards in Westminster sold out much of our national sovereignty to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels we have not had trade deals with commonwealth nations. I don't know whether it was Labour or conservative time, but some twat signed away out right to make our own trade deals that suit the British economy. Oh no, we had to have trade deals that were unworkable compronises because they had to suit every economy from Germany to Malta.

The dumbed down and university brainwashed idiots who still think thet can keep us in the Nazi Fourth Reich that is the reality of the EU are trying to claim trade deals take a decade to negotiate. Well they do when on one side twenty eight disparate nations are squabbling over every clause, trying to safeguard the interests of their citizens or businesses while the Euronazis of Brussels are constantly sticking their oar in, but one of the great benefits of Brexit is when you just have two nations sorting out a mutually beneficial deal it's easy

Read more on our Enormous Opportunities

Europe Grexit
Europe in free fall
How EU steals sovereignty
Post Brexit Europe Unglues
European Union in Chaos
EU puts business before people
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Saturday 10 September, 2016

Hillary's Facebook Attempt To Connect With Voters Misses Target Again

The biggest advantage Donald Trump has in the US Presidential race is that his opponent Hillary Clinton not only has a terrible reputation for being involved in dodgy dealings is but is a cold, unlikeable person who is seen as selfish, egotistical, petulant and inclined to gloat in moments of triumph. In an attempt to redress some of the harm this impression is doing to her campaign, Hillary has taken to Facebook
Hillary's Facebook Attempt To Connect With Voters Misses Target Again/p>

Negative Interest Rates & The War On Cash, Part 3: "Beware The Promoters"

Bitcoin and other electronic platforms have paved the way psychologically for a shift away from cash, although they have done so by emphasising decentralisation and anonymity rather than the much greater central control which would be inherent in a mainstream electronic currency. The loss of privacy would no doubt be glossed over in any media campaign, as would the risks of cyber-attack and the lack of a fallback for providing liquidity to the economy in the event of a systems crash. Electronic currency is much favoured by techno-optimists, but not so much by those concerned about the risks of absolute structural dependency on technological complexity.

Negative Interest Rates & The War On Cash, Part 3: "Beware The Promoters"

Friday 9 September, 2016

"Clinton Foundation Is Charity Fraud Of Epic Proportions", Analyst Charges In Stunning Takedown

In early May, we introduced readers to Charles Ortel, whom the Sunday Times described as "one of the finest analysts of financial statements on the planet". Having moved on beyond simple corporate fraud, Ortel spent the past year and a half digging into something more relevant to the current US situation:"charities", and specifically the Clinton Foundation’s public records, federal and state-level tax filings, and donor disclosures.

Thursday 8 September, 2016

The most powerful (and chilling) case for Trump you’ll ever hear

First I must restate this is a British blog so its contributors have no part in the US election. We do not support Donald Trump, the prospect of him becoming president of the USA is appalling. Worse however is the prospect of Hillary Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” a proven traitor and liar, an alleged fraudster who ran the Clinton Foundation (the charity established when her husband was president) as her personal bank account, who has committed perjury, stabbed close friends and allies in the back in order to shift blame for her own misdemeanours and acts of criminal negligence.
The Most Powerful And Chilling Case For Trump You Will Hear

Wednesday 7 September, 2016

Shock, Horror! Millennials Safe Space Violated As Facebook Algo Accident Exposes Them To Diverse Ideas
Late last month (August 2016,) the Zuckerbugger's zoons put an algorithm in charge of the Facebook “trending” feature, to select the most popular topics, articles and keywords on the web in a narrow timeframe and with due respect for the 'safe space' of millenials who can be traumatised if they encounter microaggrrrrressions in the form of controversial ideas or unorthodox opinions ...

Google, Facebook, Amazon: algorithms will soon rule our lives so we'd better understand how they work
One of the most interesting announcements in last week's Budget – well, for me at least, as someone who has no savings and doesn’t play bingo or drink much – was the new Alan Turing Institute: £220 million of government support will be invested into "big data and algorithm" research.

Tuesday 6 September, 2016

Another Journalist Who Published Material Unfavourable To The Obama Administration Dies In Bizarre Circumstances

posted by KelliRob

Jerome Corsi of WND writes:
Before his death in a fiery car crash, Michael Hastings was preparing to publish a major investigative piece tied to the undercover agent who is suspected of sanitizing President Obama’s passport records prior to the 2008 presidential election.

The mystery has only deepened since the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office ruled that drugs in his system at the time of the June 18 crash, including amphetamines and marijuana, likely did not contribute to the crash.

Hastings, 33 years old at the time of his death, wrote for Gentleman’s Quarterly, Rolling Stone and Buzzfeed, reporting on national security issues.

His June 2010 article in Rolling Stone featuring remarks highly critical of the Obama administration made by Gen. Stanley McChrystal — then the commander of allied forces in Afghanistan — led to President Obama relieving McChrystal of command.

The autopsy two months after Hastings’ death found small amounts of amphetamine in his blood, suggesting he may have taken methamphetamine several hours before his death. Traces of marijuana also suggested Hastings had smoked the drug hours before he had taken the methamphetamine.

Hastings died when his Mercedes, traveling at a high rate of speed, crossed into the median on a deserted Highland Avenue at 4:20 a.m. and struck a tree. The automobile burst into flames, charring Hastings’ body so badly that it took several days to make a positive identification.

Los Angeles newspapers have suggested Hastings had become obsessed with Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency’s massive domestic surveillance capabilities and with disclosures the Department of Justice had obtained of the phone records of Associated Press reporters.

His neighbor and close friend, Jordanna Thigpen, told the LA Weekly that just before his death, Hastings’ behavior had become erratic because of his increasing concerned that helicopters commonly seen in the Hollywood Hills were spying on him and that his Mercedes had been tampered with.

“He was scared, and he wanted to leave town,” Thigpen told the newspaper.

Read more and see video: World Net Daily

USA Has Told Assad He Needs To Commene Handover Of Power In Syria by August Or Face Consequences Servergate: 'Immune' Hillary IT-Staffer Reportedly A "Devastating Witness" - FBI We reported a little while ago, in our series of posts chronicling the downfall of Hillary Clinton after the story of how, while Secretary Of State, she made use of personal IT equipment to handle top secret government material. The story broke just as Hillary's campaign ran into stormy waters when Bernie Sanders, originally written off as a fringe candidate began to gain momentum ... US Allies Now Fighting CIA-Backed Terror Groups In Syria The idea that ISIS has very close links with the USA has gone beyond conspiracy theory, or anti US propaganda, the proof is out there. We have previously reported on the US government's links to ISIS and revealed the vital role of NATO member Turkey in supporting the terrorists in their campaign which aims to create an Islamic Caliphate stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf

Captured ISIS fighter says ‘trained in Turkey, ISIS thinks it’s safer than Syria’ Putin Orders Military To "Boost Strategic Nuclear Forces" As Syria Situation Worsens ISIS: Know Your Enemy - Who Of Those We Think Are On Our Side Is Helping ISIS ISIS Oil expose "Raqqa's Rockefellers", Bilal Erdogan, KRG Crude, And The Israel Connection To Join Obama's Proxy War Against Russia In Syria Would Be Cameron's Greatest Folly Turkish Convoy Allegedly Carrying Weapons To ISIS Bombed In Syria ISIS: Know Your Enemy - Who Of Those We Think Are On Our Side Is Helping ISIS France is trying to create a coalition to destroy Isil, but President Obama isn't interested U.S. Government Moves To Exploit Paris Terror Attacks To Abolish Privacy Putin Lines Up The Big Guns As Obama 'Shoots Golf' And Kerry Vacillates Libya intervention
Libya military folly
Obama's real agenda in syria
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Syria is US proxy war with Russia
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G20 Leaders Dismiss Obama As An “Irrelevant Child” At Beijing Summit

China set the tone when airport officials refused to let Barack Obama's handlers flout Chises law so the US President's arrival in Beijing for the G20 Summit to be trurned into a stahe managed celebration of The Obamessiah;s greatness. This is our airport, this is our country", a Chinese official yelled as Obama's entourage attempted to usher The White House press corps into an area that was clearly marked out of bounds. The episode resulted in an embarrassing photo of an American president exiting Air Force One via the emergency exit at the rear of the plane so the cameras could photograph him.

Worse was to come.

Once the G20 meeting kicked off properly, Obama was repeatedly snubbed, overlooked, and largely ignored. Meanwhile President Duterte of Philippine, who was not at the conference called him a son of a whore, after Obama had offered unsought advice of human rights policy in Philippines.

Then came the meeting between Obama and Russian President, Vladimir Putin. It was always a strained relationship, Putin has made it clear many times that he regards Obama as a girlie man and a wuss. Obama's obsession with making the US military an equal opportunities employers for women and gays, bisexuals, lesbians and transgender whatevers has made the Amiucan military a laughing stock, while his "Pivot to Mecca" and willingness to embrace all things Islamic, including terrorism, has aroused deep suspicion.

Putin’s contempt for the American president has intensified recently, after America's ineffectual efforts to deal with ISIS (as we now know Obama and Hillary Clinton, by funding and arming any groups that opposed Syria's President Assad, were instrumental in founding ISIS), and the way Russia, frustrated by America's unwillingness to attack what Obama calls 'moderate' rebels, crushed ISIS in a matter of weeks destroyed what was left of Obama's credibility. Putin sees Obama as something of an irrelevant child, a leader whose time has already come and gone while Putin himself has only broadened his own international influence as the ineffectual Obama administration talked a good game but repeatedly failed to deliver on both promises and threats. Many world leaders, including G20 host nation, China, share this view.

The Obama Presidency has been a shoddily produced soap opera for western media, the all too compliant Mainstream Media have been willing to spin and whitewash disaster after disaster. The Libya intervention in 2011 turned Africa's most prosperous and socially advanced nation into a failed state. Regime change in Ukraine, engineered by the CIA has brought the world much nearer to an east / west war. Obama is not a strong leader, nor is he a particularly intelligent one for all the spin about his fabled intellect. Intellect is not the same as intelligence, the former can be acquired through book learning, the latter is the result of combining talent with experience, and Obama's experience before he became President of The USA was very thin. Thus he has proved time after time to other world leaders he is a less than capable President.

And for Vladimir Putin, Obama’s allegiance to the Muslim world, in particular the brutal autocracy that rules Saudi Arabia, has deepened the mistrust and personal dislike between them. Where Putin has long fought against radical Islam, he has watched an American president just as enthusiastically defend it, even after that radicalism took American lives. It is a display of turning against your own country that Putin finds most incomprehensible. He simply cannot understand how an American president can be so seemingly…un-American.

Obama Al Qaeds allies Obama mysterious background Obama tries to bully Russia Obam doctrine's failure Obama hashtag diplomacy Obama the instigator of trouble Obama's American Jihad Obama and Kerry lobby for war Obama follows bush on nation building Obama Putin balls out politics Obama the real danger to peace Obama has US troops in syria Obama's war in Syria How Obama underestimated Assad and Syria Syria and Putin Media Blackout Of Hacked George Soros Documents New Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton Gave Special Access To Foundation Donors Washington's Global Hegemony Dream Is Fading Fast Another Hack: Is A Leak Of Incriminating Clinton Foundation Documents Imminent? Hillary Clinton’s Health In Rapid Decline – Will She Even Make It To Election Day At This Rate? DC Leaks Expose George Soros Manipulating Elections Clinton E-mails Show When Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton Allowed George Soros To Dictate Foreign Policy Julian Assange Says: “1,700 Emails In Hillary Clinton’s Collection” Proves She Sold Weapons To ISIS In Syria Armed Forces Minister: Obama ‘Woefully Ignorant’ of Threat EU Membership Poses Obama Deploys 250 Special Forces to Syria: Will They Depose Assad? Obama Bids To Persuade Britons To Sacrifice Their Nations Independence To Serve US Geopolitical Interests Irony Overload: Iran Warns Obama Not To Cross Red Lines Support For EU / US Sanctions On Russia Declining In Central Europe Obama Launching Massive Military Intervention In Libya And Iraq Elsewhere: [ The Original Boggart Blog] ... [ Daily Stirre.shtml ]...[Little Nicky Machiavelli]... [ Ian's Authorsden Pages ]... [Scribd]...[Wikinut] ... [ Boggart Abroad] ... [ Grenteeth Bites ] ... [ Latest Posts ] [Ian Thorpe at Flickr ] ... [Latest Posts] ... [ Tumblr ] ... [Ian at Minds ] ... [ Authorsden blog ] ... [Daily Stirrer News Aggregator]

Monday 5 September, 2016

TTIP - This so -called free trade deal is a full-frontal assault on democracy
The purpose of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is not so much as to remove tariffs and other protectionist devices as to remove the regulatory differences between the US and European nations. And that is quite significant for us as British and E.U. comsuper protection, fair trade, environment and employment laws have always tried to strike a balance between the interests of consumers, workers and business.

Sunday 4 September, 2016

If This Does Not Disqualify Hillary For The Presidency, It's Hard To Know What Will
Even the conservative Wall Street Journal is waking up to the massive deception that is being perpetrated on voters by the American political establishment, media and judiciary. Unfortunately the around half or the voters seem to be willingly complicit in this deception. In fact the USA collectively appears capable of a level of cognitive dissonance on an unprecedented scale in relation to the crimes and corrupt practices of Hillary Clinton ...

Smart Phones Will Not Make Banking Safer
Yet the war on cash goes on. The latest move is to encourage people to use their smartphone to do their online banking. My first reaction on reading this was, "They're having a laugh aren't they?" laptops and tablets are ridiculously easy to hijack, smartphones don't even need to be hacked, like tired old slappers whose sexual allure has gone south, but who still crave attention, they will offer themselves without needing to be asked.

Saturday 3 September, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Oh Shit Moment. How The Candidate Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena

When you get a summons from the courts to provide certain items required in evidence, it's a good idea to comply in full. Failure to do so will result in you being found in contempt of court, and that can have very serious consequences although western nations don't employ oubliettes any more (or not within their own borders at least) Even if we UK citoizens get a 'producer' from the local cops over some minor traffic infringement, it's foolish to disregard it (for non UK readers, you are required to turn up at the local cop shop with your driving documents.)

In the USA ignoring a subpoena can have similar consequences. But increasingly throught the developed world we are finding the law does not apply to everybody equally.

The story of how Hillary's "personal" emails came to be deleted using, the now infamous, BleachBit, even after a subpoema had been issued requiring the Democratic Party candidate to hand over certain documents relating to her time as Secretary of State is quite the tale. Below courtesy of Zero Hedge is a timeline of how the story unfolded, according to recent FBI disclosures and documents puibished (in the public interest) by Wikileaks:

February 2013 – Hillary resigns from State Department
Spring 2013 – Hillary aide Monica Hanley backs up Pagliano Server to Apple MacBook and a thumb drive
February 2014 – Monica Hanley attempts to upload Hillary email archives to new Platte River Networks (PRN) server but encounters technical issues
Early 2014 – Monica Hanley mails Apple MacBook to Undisclosed PRN Staff Member to upload Hillary email archives to new PRN server. Undisclosed PRN Staff Member then uploads Hillary’s emails to a gmail account and then transfers them over to the new PRN server. The Undisclosed PRN Staff Member deletes most of the emails from gmail but indvertently leaves 940.
Early 2014 – Monica Hanley advises Undisclosed PRN Staff Member to wipe the Apple MacBook clean after uploading Hillary’s emails to the new PRN server but he forgets to do it
Early 2014 - Undisclosed PRN Staff Member mails Apple MacBook back to Clinton and it is promptly lost
December 2014 – Hillary delivers 55,000 emails to State Department
December 2014 / January 2015 – Heather Samuelson and Cheryl Mills request emails be deleted from their computer using BleachBit
December 2014 / January 2015 – “Unknown Clinton staff member” instructs PRN to remove archives of Clinton emails from PRN server
March 2, 2015 - NYT releases an article showing that Hillary used a personal email server in violation of State Department rules
March 4, 2015 – Hillary receives subpoena from House Select Committee on Benghazi instructing her to preserve and deliver all emails from her personal servers
March 25, 2015 – Undisclosed PRN Staff Member has a conference call with “President Clinton’s Staff”
March 25 – 31, 2015 – Undisclosed PRN Staff Member has “oh shit” moment and realizes he forgot to wipe Hillary’s email archive from the PRN server back in December…which he promptly does using BleachBit despite later admitting he "was aware of the existence of the preservation request and the fact that it meant he should not disturb Clinton's e-mail data on the PRN server."
June 2016 – FBI discovers that Undisclosed PRN Staff Member forgot to erase 940 emails from the gmail account he created to help with the PRN server upload

Hillary resigned from the State Department in February 2013. Shortly after that Hillary's aide, Monica Hanley, worked with Bill Clinton's aide Justin Cooper, (Hillbillary were always a political double act despite their marriage being a sham,) to archive all of Hillary's emails from the notorious private server that Clinton used to house her State Department classified emails. With Cooper's assistance, Together they transferred all of Hillary's emails from the private to an Apple MacBook with a duplicate copy saved to a "Thumb Drive".

At that point, Hanley "forgot" to provide the archived emails to Clinton's staff so they could be handed over to the State Department (as required by law).

In February 2014, for reasons unexplained, Hanley decided it wasn't the best idea to leave the email records of the former U.S. Secretary of State in her knicker drawer forever. But rather than hand them over to State Department officials, with profuse apologies for the overshight), she decided it was time to backup the archived emails to Clinton's new private server hosted by Platte River Networks (PRN) in Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, she was not successful with the remote backup and mailed the computer to an Undisclosed PRN Staff Member to help with the task.

Apparently, the Undisclosed PRN Staff Member also had difficulty uploading the emails to the new PRN server because the "Apple MacMail" format was incompatible with Microsoft Exchange. So, he/she came up with a workaround that involved transferring all of Clinton's emails to a new gmail account and then exporting them to the PRN server.

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Friday 2 September, 2016

FBI Releases Full Report Into Hillary Clinton Email Probe

Just as we predicted on a sleepy Friday afternoon, The FBI, timing its action to ensure the minimum damage is done to the reputations of Washington insiders has released a detailed report on its investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, as well as a summary of her interview with agents, providing, what The Washington Post says is the most thorough look yet at the probe that has dogged the campaign of the Democratic presidential nominee.

Official FBI Statement:

Today the FBI is releasing a summary of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s July 2, 2016 interview with the FBI concerning allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure.

We also are releasing a factual summary of the FBI’s investigation into this matter. We are making these materials available to the public in the interest of transparency and in response to numerous Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Appropriate redactions have been made for classified information or other material exempt from disclosure under FOIA. Additional information related to this investigation that the FBI releases in the future will be placed on The Vault, the FBI’s electronic FOIA library.

As The Washington Post adds, the documents released total 58 pages, though large portions and sometimes entire pages are redacted.

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Top Academic: Muslims Would Not Tolerate Multiculturalism in Islamic Countries

Leading Iranian academic Afshin Ellian has warned that cultural Marxist delusions of “multiculturalism” are a one-way street as left wing activist in the secular Christian nations of the west clamour for appeasement of Islamic extremists. Muslims in Europe oppress historic minorities in their own lands and have no intention of showing “tolerance”
Top Academic: Muslims Would Not Tolerate Multiculturalism in Islamic Countries

Thursday 1 September, 2016

Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?

The anti - establishment, anti - globalisation mood that manifested itself in the Brexit vote is sweeping across Europe, the cosy government - corporate cartel is desperately trying to control the narrative, but against the combined strength of millions of new media commentators all challenging the official; narrative, the dar forces of globalism are on the back foot. With the warnings of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy in mind, concerning the dark forces at work in American society, the 'shadow government', this post examines the threat to freedom posed by a hillary Clinton prediency.
Can Americans Overthrow The Evil That Rules Them?

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